Go Green.

Save the frogs.

As well as providing solutions that stimulate greater interaction and innovation for your business, DMflex is doing its bit to offset the carbon footprint of the solutions we deliver on your behalf... and save our frogs from an environmental boiling!

So, for every customer that signs up to one of our products for a minimum of one year, we will give a little back to the environment by simply planting a tree and restoring our own ancient woodland into a haven for indigenous frogs!

Twice a year, when it is optimum for planting trees, we will total the number of orders that qualify for this initiative and will set about planting the same number of trees into the DMflex `Save The Frog` initiative. Not only will we plant trees, but ponds are being dug, and conservation initiatives and guidelines for the protection of frogs are being implemented. For those customers that live in UK or are passing through, they will be welcome to come along for a day of planting, inaugural tree naming, and frog adoption. We haven`t quite worked out how to implement the latter, but you`ll have plenty to choose from and we promise to keep the frog-eating Frenchies under guard at all times!

Here is Frog Wood: