About us. Our philosophy.

Challenge the Ordinary.

Change the way you communicate - or boil with the frogs!

It is said that if you place a frog in a pan of luke warm water and gradually bring the water to the boil, so the frog will die. Place a frog straight into a pan of already boiling water and the frog will jump out because the sudden change in temperature is so painfully acute. The only common denominator between these two very stark outcomes, is the pace of change.

And this Tale of Two Frogs is a popular one among those advocating change management amid the business and communications revolution of today - a revolution that some refer to as the internet, or the digital, revolution.

Within the context of the internet-enabled disruption to our established business models and communications, we all have essential choices to make. Like the first frog,we can go on the defensive and fulfill the definition of insanity by the doing same thing time and time again, generation after generation, and sit waiting for things to get better as the heat builds up around us. Or we can seize the day, play offensive, and find the opportunity that exists within the digital revolution taking place. Our mantra at DMflex, our rallying call, is therefore to challenge the ordinary, change the way we work, and seize the opportunity that the digital and social revolution is offering - while those who don’t, boil with the frogs!

Already a part of the revolution.

Many of the DMflex team launched TelecomTV in 2001 - established as the world’s leading media brand of the global telecoms C-suite and the DMflex gateway to tomorrow’s applications, today. DMflex draws upon this fortune of fate to create and develop its next generation of innovative, intuitive, off the shelf web-based software and equip its customers with the platforms and applications needed within today’s disruptive digital world....as well as the digital world of tomorrow.

If you therefore want to feel the love, rather than feel the heat, please get in touch.