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“I love it. I recommend it. WebGen floats my boat. But, seriously, it’s a quality piece of software.” — Bobby Ngai, Capgemini

Eye candy? Yes please. Below are a few screenshots of the WebGen Content Centre, to see more and find out why Bobby at Capgemini loves us, contact us.


It comes as standard. Your data needs protecting and we ensure it is protected. Giving your peace of mind.

Manage Multiple Portals

Share your content seamlessly amongst your portals, saving you time, money and stress.

Page Manager

Manage all your web pages in one central location and at a glance see the structure of your portal.

Page Settings

Gain complete control of your pages. Set the Title, URL, whether is shows in the navigation, who can view it and manage your own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Saving time and money.

Page Builder

Take control of your page with our Page Builder. You decide what goes where without the need for expensive designers/developers. Beautiful.

Custom Features

Theres a whole host of features ready for you to choose. Or, ask use to build one unique to you. Simple.

Template Builder

Want a sub page to have 3 columns instead of 2? There's a tool for that, our Template Builder. It's your website, you decide how it looks.

Content Manager

You want videos, news, documents and lots more on your portal content manager lets you do exactly that.

Files Manager

Need to publish a video, report, whitepaper or just upload a banner image? Our File Manager makes it simple. No worrying about ftp details. Easy and Simple to use? Sounds like WebGen.

Users Manager

Colleagues, consumers, partners, suppliers. All in one, easy to manage, intuitive place.